Art Hop is for Artists

Ann Arbor, Michigan's unique Art Walk. May 19th, 2018.

Here at Art Hop we want to support artists and help them thrive. We keep the event low cost to participate, while maintaining a high quality standard to attract good art buyers.


Our center of gravity is around Gretchen's House Childcare Center at 700 Mount Vernon, where about a dozen artists are housed, but we usually have forty or more displaying their artwork; the number depends on how many venues we can provide between First St and Eberwhite Woods.

Most of our artists will be on porches, in garages, or - if you have your own tent - in a back yard or a driveway. We really are ensconced in the neighborhood, and we depend on the kindness and goodwill of neighbors to host our artists.  We are one of the great local events that people love about Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Who can apply?

Most of our artists are from the Ann Arbor area, but it isn't a requirement. Please think carefully if you come from far away, however, as there may be additional expenses and work to arrive and set up on time.  All work must be your own. More details on the Artists agreement (see button below).


We are dependent on the good will of our host-neighbors, so absolutely NO unannounced no-shows are allowed! A nice wine, a bouquet of flowers or a hostess gift (NOT some work you can't sell) are appreciated by our hosts. You will see the Artists Agreement before you sign up.

We are you, the artists. Sitting back and hoping it will be a success isn't going to work. We only have one or two part-time elves busying themselves behind the scenes, so you HAVE to help out with publicity - flyers, social media, word-of-mouth and planting lawn signs in the last week. You will need to read email with info and good advice as well as requests for help.


The basic cost of Art Hop is just $28. If your home or studio is in our area of Ann Arbor (on, or South of Liberty between Eberwhite Woods & First St) and you can host at least one other artist, then participation is FREE! If you are a student the cost is only $15. If you think you qualify for a discount for some other really good reason, we'll consider it.  

What Next?

If you have NOT taken part in Art Hop before, please send four or five photos of your work approx 500kb - 1.5MB to  You may show more than one medium, but there should be a primary one. Simple beaded jewelry is not accepted as a primary medium.

If you have taken part before, please click below: