Hosting an Artist

Be part of Art Hop!


We are always on the lookout for hosts for our artists, without whom it wouldn't be possible. Our area is generally South of Liberty St between Eberwhite Woods and First St.  If your home is in this area and you have a porch, garage, sunroom, studio, driveway, barn or yard, please get in touch to find out more!

Most of our artists will be on porches, in garages, or - if they have their own tent - in a back yard or a driveway. We really are ensconced in the neighborhood, and we depend upon the kindness and goodwill of neighbors like you to host our artists.  

Westside Art Hop is one of the great local events that people love about Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Be part of it!

What does it entail?

You provide a space where an Art Hop artist can display their wares to the public.  It's up to you whether the artist may come inside your home (for example to use the bathroom), but you don't have to  give public access. Some hosts offer an indoor or a semi-indoor space, especially if the weather is bad, but it isn't required. Your artist(s) will contact you directly to discuss how - and whether - it will work out for you. 

Normally our artists will set up on the Friday evening or from about 8 am on Saturday, and start to take down and clean up at 5 pm. For safety, to help in busy periods, and for sociability, we prefer to host more than one artist per venue, but again, it isn't a requirement. 

What's in it for you?

You may receive a small token of gratitude from your artist, but your real rewards are to promote our local talent in the visual arts, the opportunity to take part in one of Ann Arbor's typically quirky events - and of course, a burst of civic pride! 

Share the love

If you know other neighbors who might like to join in, please do point them our way! We'd like to accommodate as many good artists as hope to take part.

Any questions?

Please ask! or hop to our Contact page