Art Hop 16 Venues - Oct 2018

1. 439 Eberwhite Blvd


Tom Rosenbaum The Artists Studio

Grixdolls   Mixed media figurines

Melanie Brooks  Earthenwood Studio

2. 502 Soule Blvd


Kirsten Elling   Printmaking & collage 

Nancy Bulkley  Ceramics

3. 1227 Lutz Ave

Larry Nisson   Glass

Lucie Nisson   Mosaics

Laura Seligman  Painting and textiles

Two Hold Studios  Ceramics +

4. Gretchen's House, 700 Mt Vernon Ave

Lisse Williams  Painting

Caribbean Colors  Painted silk

Marsha Chamberlin   Jewelry

Liz Fiero   Small paintings

Morgan Harvey  Photography

Lidia Kaku  Oil painting; mixed media

Megan Kelynack   Photography

Todd Marsee   Watercolor

Jeff Mishra-Marzetti  Figurative Watercolor

Vickie Michalak Peterson  Photography

Katlan Michalak   Collage/mixed media

Random Oddities   Air plants in terraria

Jess Richard Print making

Anne Rogers  Fused Glass

5. 802 Mt Vernon Ave

Sophie Grillet    Painting, prints, cards, 3D

Sandy Mush   Kalaidoscopes, 3D crafts  

Angelis Jackowski  Watercolor, cards, photography

Janice Glander  Scarves, crochet, jewelry

Venues continued...

6. 800 Mt Vernon Ave

Sue Craig  Oil and pastel

Marie Latour  Mixed media & encaustic

 Marian Short  Cakeasaurus Prints 

714, 811 & 850 Mt Pleasant

Lynlee Sky   Ceramic art  

Mary Eldridge  Hand painted cards 

Bob Wesley Paintings (Sorry not this time!)

11&12. 937 & 929 Sunnyside

Tempest NeuCollins   mixed media: photo, encaustic, acrylic

Hattie & Skunk  Watercolor designs 

Monica Prince  Scarves, knits etc.

Mehreen Kakwan  Personalized Dedicated Birds

And more...

13. 524 First St

Marsha Polenberg  Ceramics

Ted Ramsay  Painting; works on handmade paper

14. 421 Second St

15. Burnt Toast Inn, 415 W William

Dominique Chastenet de Géry  Oil paintings

Tatiyanna  Walters  Polymer "candy" jewelry

16. 328 Second St

Bradley Cross  Harmony Hollow  Metalwork

Zitatini  Martini picks

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