Artists Agreement Oct 2018

  • I have sent jpegs and been accepted to apply for Art Hop.
  • I will bring only work created and/or designed by myself (or with my Participating partner).
  • I will contribute $28 ($40 after Sept 28th deadline) to be registered in Westside Art Hop Oct 20, 2018 (unless I am hosting at least one other artist, or have a special discount code).
  • I understand that I need to register by Oct 9th to guarantee that my name appears on the Westside Art Hop map and 'Artists and Venues' webpage.
  • I have added and to my contacts to ensure email delivery to my inbox, which I will read!
  • I understand that Art Hop is not a big organization, so I agree to contribute to publicizing the event by printing out and posting flyers, and in any other ways I can, such as social media engagement, placing Art Hop lawn signs the prior Sunday, emailing my own contacts and other volunteer opportunities. I agree that pictures of my work I email to WestsideArtHop, or post on their social media pages, may be used for publicizing the event.
  • (Added 10/1/18) I will not smoke or vape within 75 yards of my venue.
  • I will be helpful, communicative and considerate to my host, and leave my venue clean and in good time, but not before 5 p.m. (unless agreed to by the organizers).
  • ​If for any reason I am unable to take part, I will let the organizers and my host know as soon as possible. I realize that I may only be reimbursed $14 after Sept 28th, and nothing after Oct 6th, as it is likely to have been spent on admin and publicity. (Exceptional circumstances may be considered.)